Marine Services


Dominion Diving has a fleet of tugboats, barges, inshore supply vessels, and cranes. Inshore marine services include, but are not limited to:


We provide 24 hour support to marine shipping, construction, and scientific industries. Our marine fleet and location enable us to execute a multitude of tasks on short notice.

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Ship Services

marine services: potable-water300px

Ship services include potable water delivery (650 tons within 24hrs), stores delivery, and garbage removal. We can work with merchant ships, Naval vessels, Coast Guard, US Aircraft carriers, and Oil tankers.

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Waterfront Facility

marine services: waterfront facility

Dominion Diving has a 2 acre secure marine laydown and operations terminal, 12,600 ft2 climate controlled warehouse, CWB certified welding shop, ROV storage & service bay, hazardous waste disposal facilities and much more.

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Our barge fleet consists of seven barges up to 222 gross tons. Our barges facilitate outfall/pipeline installation, bridge inspections, drilling & blasting, wharf construction, pier repairs and much more. Call 902-434-5120 for more information.

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Ship Fenders

Ship Fenders for rent

Dominion has several Yokohama ship fenders for rent. Made of a thick-heavy duty nylon reinforced Polyurethane skin, c/w chain and tire net.

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Marine Services Cranes and Barge Cranes

We have cranes ranging from 8 to 100 tons that are suitable for barge lifting marine applications. If you require crane or excavation work call us at 902-434-5120 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Research Vessels

Marine Services: Research Vessels for Hire

We have two research & response vessels. They can be contracted for Dive/ROV Support (Scientific Surveys), as well as towing & salvage operations (Oil Spill Response.) Call 902-434-5120 (24/7).

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Oily Slop Disposal

oily slop disposal, marine services

Bio medical waste, domestic waste and oily slop removal. Transport Canada Approved for Oily Slops, CBSA Certification for International waste. Call 902-434-5120 (24/7).

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