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ROV FMV-40 (Work Class)



2515mm Length X 1423mm Width X 1473mm Height

Weight in Air

1065kg without Payload

Depth Rating 350m 

181.5 kg

Structure 6061-T6 Aluminum with 316
Stainless Steel Fixtures

The relatively small dimensions of the FMV-40 enable the vehicle to transport a wide variety of tooling devices to more tight spaces. Additionally, its powerful hydraulic thrusters and six function manipulator arm allow the vehicle to perform tasks often left to much larger ROVs.


Cougar XT 1501 (Light Work Class)


Weight 580kg

1320mm Length X 914mm Width

X 761mm Height

1066mm Height with dual arm skid

Depth Rating 1500m (2000m optional)

120kg without dual arm skid

80kg with dual arm skid


4 Vectored Thrusters producing:

180Kg forward thrust

130Kg lateral thrust


2 Vertical Thrusters producing 122Kg Vertical thrust

The Cougar XT has the ability to take on a range of demanding tasks at much lower operating costs through a system of quick change tool skids. This unit is ideal for survey work, drill support, IRM programs, light construction projects and salvage support operations.


Cougar XT 1420 (Light Work Class)

cougar 1420


199Kg (vehicle only)

410Kg (with dual arm skid)

498Kg (with ballast and dual arm skid)


1320mm length X 914mm width X 761mm height

1066mm height with dual arm skid

Depth Rating 300m (with 1000m optional)
Payload 169Kg without Dual Arm Skid
129kg with Dual Arm Skid

4 Vectored Thrusters
180Kg forward thrust / 130Kg lateral thrust

2 Vertical Thrusters producing 122Kg Vertical Thrust

The Seaeye Cougar XT is an extremely powerful ROV that was custom built for Dominion Diving. Our Cougar XT ROVs have standalone single mode fibre optic mux systems. Enhanced thrust and extremely high payload make this ROV ideal for a multitude of subsea applications.


VideoRay Pro 4

video pro ray 4

Total System Weight 54kg (120 lbs)
Total Size & Weight 4.8kg submersible weight 
361mm X 270mm X 210mm
Depth Rating 305m (1,000ft)
Speed 4.2 knots
Power Supply 100-240 VAC auto switching
or 12 V DC with Inverter (included)

The VideoRay Pro 4 is the culmination of more than a decade of ROV design and development.The Pro 4 incorporates the latest in "suitcase style" ROV design and technology making it the most advanced, capable, and versatile ultra compact ROV on the market today.


ROV Chinook


33 Kg Submersible

180 Kg Total System Weight


686mm x 384mm x 406mm

Depth Rating 350 metres

4 Horizontal Thrusters – 22 Kg of Thrust

2 Vertical Thrusters – 11 Kg of Thrust


The Chinook has been specifically configured to quickly and effectively perform a variety of inspection tasks. The system has a small footprint making it ideal for quick mobilization to any situation and with minimal power requirements. 




3000 Kg (in air)

Neutral in sea water


3000mm x 1850mm x 1900mm

Depth Rating 1000 metres (2200 metre optional)

200 Kg

Video Up to 6 cameras available

4 Vectored Horizontal Thrusters

3 Vertical Thrusters


The MRV is a rugged work class ROV system offering exceptional reliability and operational capacity. The MRV can be used to support virtually any ROV requirement and is equally suited to the exploration, construction, IRM, survey, or decommissioning sectors of the global offshore energy industry.


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