Giving the Gift of Song

Diver Down

– Brooklyn Blackmore

During our 50th anniversary party last year we were given memories and connections with family and friends. We were also given a special surprise – Brooklyn Blackmore wrote us a song to give to the legacy that is Dominion Diving Ltd.

🎶 Diver Down is a song that was debut on that fateful night, and we felt compelled to share with all our fans. Early on the Lohnes brothers saw a gift in this talented young woman. The brothers agreed that they would contribute to the musical journey of Brooklyn, and they did so simply because they believe in their home province.

Brooklyn Blackmore was Top 5 Most Active Indies in 2019 and launched a brand new album, Get a Little Crazy, January 24 2020.

Brooklyn Blackmore is a singer/songwriter with an influence from country and pop genres who delivers captivating lyrics, dynamic vocals, and powerful melodies with a vintage feel. Listening to her songs will give you a feeling of being home, laying on your lawn chair, and soaking up the nice warm summer sun. All packaged together with a magnetizing live show that is sure to silence any complaints you previously had against new country, Brooklyn Blackmore is a must see every time she performs.

She is live next at Nov 20/21 at Oak Island Resort & Conference Centre 8pm-12am 

Diver Down

For dominion diving

Bubbles up it’s time to go,

It’s a high tech job, deep down below

Steady or fast gets another job done

If you’re looking for hard core we’re the ones

Cool dominion air is what we breathin’ from the top

They bring us in to do our thing, let’s give em what we got

Diver down, dominion marines we’re number one

Diver down, bring it to the boys we’ll get it done

Diver down, high tech marine we’re number 1,

Diver down, steady or fast we’ll get the job done

Diving, towing, ROV, if its marine then you will see

No job too big, no job too small, just give us a call

Dominion Diving for 50 years, we’re the leaders of the sea,

They bring us in to do our thing, just follow our lead,

Diver Down, dominion marine we’re number 1

Diver Down, bring it to the boys we’ll get it done,

Diver down, high tech marine we’ll get it done

Diver down, steady or fast we’ll get the job done

Brooklyn Blackmore plays a song that she wrote for Dominion Diving Ltd 50th anniversary.