Dominion Diving offers hull cleaning services that include barnacle and sea-life removal on:

sea chests

If your vessel requires hull cleaning services please contact Dominion Diving at 902-434-5120.

During a propeller clean, all growth is sanded off and then the disc pads are changed for polishing pads.

It is a known fact that every dollar spent on a hull clean and propeller polish saves the company $8 in fuel. A smooth and properly polished propeller costs less to maintain, reduces fuel consumption by up to 10% and does not foul easily.

Dominion Diving also performs in-water surveys for vessels including visual inspections, photographic surveys and CCTV surveys.

Common reasons for an In-water Survey

  • Damage assessment
  • Preparation for sale or purchase
  • Assessment of anti-fouling paint systems
  • General inspections of hulls, plating, welding, water intakes, propeller and rudder
  • Assessment of general hull condition and/or damage for classification society approval to extend dry-dockings
  • Preparation for dry-dockings

For Class Inspection surveys click here.

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