Our extensive background of experience allows operations to be carried out with speed and precision, while maintaining a focus on eliminating damage to vessels, personal property, and our environment.

  • 24 Hour Emergency Response
  • Fair and Consistent Pricing
  • Qualified Team of In-house Salvage Professionals
  • Unique Tactics for Complex Salvage Operations
  • Cargo & Equipment Salvage
  • Situations where cargo and equipment aboard a vessel may be of higher priority than saving the vessel itself; including environmentally hazardous cargo or expensive materials such as machinery or precious metals.
  • Wreck Removal
  • Focuses on the removal of hazardous or unsightly wrecks that have little or no salvage value.
  • Afloat Salvage
  • Salvage of a vessel that is damaged but still afloat. This type of salvage involves primarily damage control work such as hull welding, and stabilization.
  • Clearance Salvage
  • Typically follows a catastrophic event, this is the coordinated removal or salvage of numerous vessels in a harbor or waterway.

Additional Services include:

Environmental Response

Lubricant Transfer & Pumping

  • Waste Disposal- Oily/Contaminated Water

Ship Cleaning & Repair

  • Ship Repair Services
  • Hull Cleaning
  • In House Welding & Fabrication Shop
  • On Site Machining


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