Dominion Diving is committed to offering clients only the highest quality products and services. Our highly trained personnel are capable of completing the job typically within 24-32 hours to aid in minimizing down time for the vessel. If you require dry box ship repair services please get in touch directly at 902-434-5120.

Dry Box Services

  • Inserting Steel Hull Plating & Valves
  • Certified Permanent Crack Repair
  • Underwater Magnetic Particle Inspection
  • Dockside Repair Facility
  • Repair work able to be conducted at Harbour anchorage

*Custom boxes are available for asymmetrical surfaces.

Our process for S.H.I.P (Submerged Hull Integral Procedure)

  1. Locate and identify crack
  2. Document existing crack with still photography, video and measurements
  3. Under approval of Certifying Authority, the work scope is defined
  4. Divers install underwater dry box system
  5. Water is then evacuated using the system, creating an atmospheric dry environment
  6. After ascertaining the ends of the crack by NDT, the crack is then back gouged out and confirmed by further MPI
  7. Upon weld completion, a final internal MPI is conducted to confirm no cracks are present
  8. The weld is allowed to cool at the specified rate
  9. The outside dry box system is then flooded and removed
  10. An underwater MPI is performed on the root pass
  11. A completion video and dimensional survey are conducted and documented for the final report

Our dry box system has been accepted as a permanent repair by Lloyds Registry, DNV and numerous other Certifying Authorities.

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