Duck Rock, located in Dartmouth Cove

DDL’s waterfront facility serves as the staging area and home base for all our Marine Operations.

Dominion Diving’s waterfront facility is part of our Marine Laydown and Operations Terminal, which is comprised of the following offices/workshops:

  • Main Office located at 7 Canal Street – A secure property centrally located in Dartmouth providing over 3400 square feet of office space including all amenities.
  • Warehouse located off the main office – Providing 12,600 square feet of indoor warehouse storage including a CWB certified welding shop, ROV Electronic and Hydraulic Maintenance workshop, Diving Equipment and Maintenance workshop, and ample storage for both Diving and ROV equipment and vehicles. Our warehouse has 600 Volts of power available to meet all of our testing and operational requirements.
  • Marine Laydown & Operations Terminal (Duck Rock Site) – This is a 2 acre secured compound. Our fleet of vessels are moored at our concrete faced pier that is reinforced with 200 feet of sheet pile and provides 18 feet of water depth quayside. The pier on our South face is a Roll on – Roll Off (Ro Ro) reinforced pier to facilitate the loading and offloading of large cranes and heavy equipment to and from barges. Located central in the compound is a floating workshop / dock for our in-house fleet management.

Additionally, Duck Rock has dedicated space for the loading, offloading, storage, and transportation of fluids, dangerous good, and Domestic & International Waste.

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