Dominion Diving offers complete Marine Harbour Services, including Personnel Shuttle Service, Provisions Delivery, a variety of Diving Services.

Yokohama Fender Rentals

Dominion Diving’s Yokohama Ship Fenders are ideal for harbour, offshore, and ship-to-ship applications. They ensure high energy absorption and low reaction force, providing total protection to your vessel while berthing in rough weather conditions.

Potable Water Delivery

Employing our 80 foot transport barge, the “Water Dog” (Dominion Boann), we can store and deliver 100 tons of potable water per delivery.

For requirements exceeding  that amount, DDL can combine our potable water tanks (120 ton capacity each) on a barge and use the “Water Dog” as a shuttle tanker to top up the main tanks. This allows us to provide 650 tons of water within a 24 hour period.

We service Canadian and Foreign Naval Vessels, Aircraft Carriers, Oil Tankers, Oil Rigs, and Container Ships. No vessel is too large or too small for us to service.

International and Domestic Waste Removal

Dominion Diving is CFIA certified to provide International and Domestic Waste Removal and Disposal, with the capability to process 3500 lbs per hour offsite.

We are also certified for the removal of Bio waste such as medical waste, needles, and anatomical waste.

In addition to specializing in the removal of domestic waste such as glass, mixed and non-mixed, and incinerator ash, DDL is Transport Canada certified to handle Oily Slops and Hazardous Waste Removal.

Stores & Provisions

DDL utilizes our supply vessels and barges to deliver stores, provisions, replacement parts, potable water, and much more.

All of our Marine Harbour Services are accessible 365 days a year.

Let us handle the running around while you’re in Port, give us a call anytime.

Bio Medical Waste Removal

  • Medical Waste
  • Needles
  • Anatomical

Domestic Waste Removal

  • Glass Waste: Mixed and Non Mixed Removal
  • Incinerator Ash Removal
  • Oily Slops Disposal: Non-Hazardous
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Black and Grey Water Disposal

Typical Clients

  • Canadian and Foreign Navies
  • Oil Tankers and Oil Rigs
  • Container Ships


  • Transport Canada Approved-Oily Slops
  • CBSA Certification– Removal & disposal of international waste
  • International Waste Removal (CFIA Certified)

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