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    7 Canal St, Dartmouth NS, B2Y 2W1 or shipped out of Dartmouth for a fee

If you would like to pick up one for yourself or a loved one.

Dominion Diving Ltd has the gear available Monday – Friday from 8:30am until 4:30pm.


Cozy & warm

Warm enough for the team working outdoors and around the ocean, keeps you protected.

Unisex sizing

One size fit has a comfortable stretch with elastic.

Robust quality

The chosen outerwear for the team while out on the boats and around tough weather.

One Size – Black BeanieOne Size – Blue Beanie
tax included.
Pick up free
Shipping – inquire
tax included.
Pick up free
Shipping – inquire

Beanie Dominion Diving Logo

Beanie is made from ……. brand and has …..

Dominion Diving Ltd logo is embroidered on the front and contact number on rear.

Beanie from the front.

Right arm has ROV attached to umbilical. 

Left arm has diver attached to umbilical.

Both arms of the company are covered by this hoody, and has the Dominion Diving logo embroidered over the heart.

Beanie from front.

Adult pullover hoody has the original Dominion Diving Ltd logo on the rear.

Hood is large and cozy and keeps the crew warm on the waters.

Unisex sizing

These beanies are designed with every head size in mind. The sizing is unisex and is created to be comfortable and warm.

The material holds up for a day at the beach, or a day in the docks working on boats and engines.

Beanie options

Beanie comes in black or a navy blue.

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