Limit liabilities and reduce the risk to divers through the deployment of ROV systems.

Municipal potable water tank inspections

potable water tank

Municipal Water Services

  • Drinking water tank inspections
  • Sewage and Wastewater treatment system inspections
  • Storm water infrastructure inspection and repair
  • Emergency water supply and fire fighting intake inspections

ROV systems can clean and repair most tanks and intakes, mitigating the risk to divers.

Our potable water inspection ROVs are bathed in a 200 ppm chlorine solution to ensure no contamination.

Aquaculture System Inspections and monitoring

ROV inspecting a fish pen

Aquaculture ROV Services

  • Open Net/Pen System Inspections
  • Monitor nets/pen wear and tear
  • Monitor stock health & feeding
  • Mort Removal
  • Fresh Water Fish pond inspections
  • Suspended System inspections (shell fish farms)
  • With more than 50% of the world’s fish production coming from Aquaculture, Farmers need innovative solutions to handle an ever increasing demand. Dominion Diving provides an array of ROV and Diving services for Aquaculture.

    Security services and Risk Mitigation with ROVs

    ROV navy bottom survey

    ROV Security Sevices

    • Port Security bottom surveys
    • Dams, Draft Tubes, Dam Toes,Trash Racks, Spillways & Reservoirs
    • Flooded Reservoirs
    • Aqueducts
    • Levees
    • Bridge Piers and Piles

    *External and internal dam and pipeline pre-inspection required for diver hazard identification.

    Dominion Diving has been committed to the safety and security of its staff and its clients for more than 50 years.

    To inquire about a security or safety you may be facing please call 902-434-5120.

    Power cable location and inspection

    Fundy Isle Cable Project

    Cable Laying Services

    Subsea power cable location and inspection.

    Dominion Diving recently helped to complete the Fundy Isles cable Project off Grand Manan, N.B.

    The undersea power cable between Deer Island and Campobello Island failed, disconnecting both Campobello Island and Grand Manan from mainland power.

    The $45M cable replacement project took more than two weeks to complete and involved the Maersk-Connector Deep Ocean cable laying vessel and Dominion’s own Warrior – a self loading and offloading Multicat.

    Dominion had a full crew of divers and the Chinook – its midsize ROV on board to complete cable lay location, placement, and onshore connection services.

    Inshore Turnkey ROV systems

    ROV Seamor Chinook

    The Chinook has been specifically configured to quickly and effectively perform a variety of inspection tasks. The system has a small footprint making it ideal for quick mobilization to any situation and with minimal power requirements. Click the Spec Sheet button below for all of Chinook’s details.

    Weight33 Kg Submersible
    180 Kg Total System Weight
    Size686mm x 384mm x 406mm
    Depth Rating350 metres
    Performance4 Horizontal Thrusters – 22 Kg of Thrust
    2 Vertical Thrusters – 11 Kg of Thrust

    ROV Video Ray Pro 4

    The VideoRay Pro 4 is the culmination of more than a decade of ROV design and development.The Pro 4 incorporates the latest in “suitcase style” ROV design and technology making it the most advanced, capable, and versatile ultra compact ROV on the market today.

    Total System Weight54kg (120 lbs)
    Total Size & Weight4.8kg submersible weight
    361mm X 270mm X 210mm
    Depth Rating305m (1,000ft)
    Speed4.2 Knots
    Power Supply100-240 VAC auto switching
    or 12 V DC with Inverter (included)

    ROV Tooling

    Dominion Diving holds a vast inventory of ROV tooling & equipment. We have multiple diverse ROV manipulators as well as system tools specifically designed and fabricated in-house for subsea projects. Dominion Diving services and maintains all of its ROV tooling & equipment.

    Kraft Seven Function Force Feedback Predator Manipulator Multi Sea Cams
    Magnum Seven Function manipulator Color Zoom Cams
    Hydro-lek Five Function Manipulators Pressure Transducers
    Stanely Underwater Grinders / Rotary Tools / TSS Pipetracking systems Sonars
    Cygnus UT systems Tow Cams
    Buckleys CP system Lab/Office Offshore Containers
    Seabed Sampling devices
    Depth / Scour Probes

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